Blogs! (In Your Words Week 7)

When asked to analyze two blogs for this weeks assignment, it was an understatement to say that I was excited, as I probably read a minimum of 20 different blogs per day!

Specifically, there is one blog that I read, no matter what! This blog is the infamous, Elite Daily.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.07.37 PM.pngElite Daily is probably one of the most popular group blogs out there and their slogan is “The Voice of Generation Y”, also known as millennials. Almost everything that I find on Elite Daily applies to me as a millennial, and if it does not, it usually applies to someone else that I personally know who is also a millennial. If one were to argue with me that Elite Daily is not a blog, but more so just a group of articles in a common space, I would argue with them because Elite Daily actually started off as a WordPress blog in 2012, before it grew too large and relocated to its own website! Elite Daily is interesting in that it is a group blog with so many different contributers and topics. Every blog I have ever read on Elite Daily, regardless of topic or contributor has seemed to be directly written for me, so that is why I keep coming back! Those who post on Elite Daily do not get paid monetarily for their work, however, their pieces usually are shared on multiple forms of social media and reach millions of millennials and leave a lasting impression on tens of thousands, such as myself.

My second favorite blog is BF Blog, more commonly recognized and known as the blog section of Buzzfeed.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.09.37 PM.pngFor those who are unfamiliar with Buzzfeed it is an internet media cross-platform company and website, that generates  different types of content that work to spread news and entertainment in fun and unique ways! Just like Elite Daily, Buzzfeed targets the millennial generation and is spread via social media. Unlike Elite Daily, most Buzzfeed content contributors do receive monetary compensation for their work, in addition to the similar gratification they receive when their piece reaches the desktop or phone screen of millions of viewers each day. Though many are familiar with Buzzfeed, they may not think of it as a blog. However, there are many different aspects of Buzzfeed. There are Buzzfeed sections specifically designated to engagement quizzes, while there are other sections dedicated to news, and others to videos that make fans laugh. While none of these specific sections are “blogs”, in addition to these more commonly viewed sections, is the BF Blog section that may often times be overlooked, however, has amazing content that should be read! On the whole, I find Buzzfeed blogs to be written a little “lighter” than Elite Daily blogs and much of the content is more fact and information derived than personal experience driven.

In saying this, when I feel like I need someone to turn to who understands something that I am going through in life when I can’t seem to form my own sentences, I turn to Elite Daily! When I just need to further understand a trending news topic or I need a quick laugh, I turn to BF Blog!

  1. Elite Daily

The specific Elite Daily blogger that I will be analyzing for this post is Sheena Sharma, who is a Dating Writer for Elite Daily. In addition to her group contribution to Elite Daily, she also has her own personal blog on Word Press that can be navigated via this link. However, I am focusing on Sharma’s Elite Daily blogs because these are the blogs that she writes daily, whereas her WordPress blog is less frequently posted upon.

  1. Sheena’s blog is a group blog under the “Dating” and “Life” categories the can be found on Elite Daily. Sheena will occasionally also make a post that falls into a different category, such as “The College Life“.
  2. The purpose of Sheena’s blogs are to inform readers in the subject of Dating. Sheena gives different types of relationship tips, along with providing some personal stories that aim to give her followers emotional support and advice.
  3. Sheena’s blogs are unique in that the information she shares is so personal that it cannot be replicated on any other blog by any other individual. For example, Sheena posted a blog about being single and accepting herself for who she is, with or without a boyfriend. This article is particularly personal as Sheena tells the common story of “going home for the holidays” and having family members ask you if “you are still single??”, but with her own intimate twist.
  4. Each of Sheena’s posts reflect both her as an individual and personal brand, and Elite Daily as a larger, more corporate and formal brand. Sheena reflects herself as a brand that can be compared to that of an “open book”. This means that Sheena pours her heart and soul into every blog that she writes and the reader can really see that raw emotion translated through the use of her words. Sheena reflects Elite Daily as a brand that can be noted as “millenialized” and relatable. Each topic that Sheena covers is one that most millennials can personally relate to through everyday experience and they turn to Elite Daily as a safe space because they know that their feelings are understood by the bloggers there.
  5. Most of the traffic that is directed to Elite Daily comes from social media advertisements and post shares. Elite Daily has it’s own Facebook and Instagram accounts in which it shares links to particular articles written by Elite Daily bloggers. These posts and links then get re-shared, commented upon, and liked which promotes further traffic. Particularly Sheena Sharma is one of Elite Daily’s “main bloggers” so her posts often times get featured on the top of Elite Daily’s website, as she publishes a new article at least a few times per week.
  6. Personally, I believe that Elite Daily is a very successful blog, especially in regards to the bullet points in this weeks lecture. Since Elite Daily is a group blog, dozens of posts are published each and every day. Some of Elite Daily’s top writers such as Sheena Sharma, in addition to fellow relationship expert, Zara Barrie, are amongst the most well known senior editors within the PR and blogging industry. Elite Daily itself is a brand that has its own website and smartphone application, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts, while each individual blogger also has his or her own specific social media platforms that fans can visit. Those links can be found within each individuals bio. Lastly, I believe that all of the content that one finds on Elite Daily is original in that most blogs are written from personal, first hand experience and the only place that a reader can turn to in order to read “that” specific outlook on “that” specific scenario is Elite Daily.
  7. Personally, I wish that Elite Daily designated a larger portion of its website that to its blog contributors. For example, if one reads an article that he or she likes, he or she can then scroll to the bottom of that article and click on the writer in order to find out more information about the individual and see what other pieces he or she has written. For example, Sheena Sharma’s about me looks like this: Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 9.53.14 PM.pngHere you can find a short intro paragraph about Sheena in addition to her current location, personal website and social media platforms, and her published articles. Though this is great, I wish there were a tab with a pulldown bar on the website that brought you to each individual, instead of having to find their information individually at the bottom of each article. However, though some do not keep up regularly with their own personal blogs, such as Sharma, I do like that Elite Daily supports the writers personal websites as well by making that information available within each bio.
  8. Elite Daily does have numerous advertisers. It would take me a whole entire separate post to list all of the advertisers of Elite Daily, but one can think of them similarly to how he or she thinks of the advertisers on Facebook. The advertisements are supported by Google’s Adchoice. Many ads are customized to the reader and they can range a variety of brands and products. For instance early today when I logged onto Elite Daily, I saw a Vitamin Water banner ad. A few moments ago I saw a Netflix advertisement that looked like this:Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.03.39 PM.png

2. BF Blog

The specific BF Blog Blogger that I will be analyzing for this post is Jonah Peretti, who also happens to be the co-founder and CEO of Buzzfeed. Though Jonah used to have his own personal blog, unassociated with Buzzfeed, as the company grew and expanded he chose to  leave that blog behind and remake himself via Buzzfeed and the BF Blog. Therefor all of his currently published blogs can be found via BF Blogs.

  1. Jonah’s blog is a group blog that is included in the BF Blog section of Buzzfeed. This means that the BF Blog section of Buzzfeed includes many different blogs, about a variety of topics. Some of these blogs are written by Jonah himself, while some others are written by his coworkers.
  2. The overall purpose of Jonah’s blogs are to inform readers more about Buzzfeed as a brand and company. However, Jonah does have a blog post or two that don’t particularly mention Buzzfeed and seem to just have been written in order to provide humor for fans.
  3. Jonah’s blogs are unique in that he is the co-founder and CEO of Buzzfeed. This means that Jonah is an absolute expert on each blog he writes about in regards to Buzzfeed. If one needed to find out any information about Buzzfeed as a brand, he or she would turn to Jonah, so his posts are really reflective of his knowledge and dedication to the brand. The information about Buzzfeed found within Jonah’s BF Blogs could not be written by anyone else, nor found anywhere else as he is the firsthand information source.
  4. Each of Jonah’s blogs reflects himself as an individual brand, and Buzzfeed as his larger brand and company. For example, Jonah’s blogs reflect him as an expert within his field. In his article, “A Cross-Platform, Global Network“, Jonah highlights the goals and visions that he has for Buzzfeed. The way in which this article, as well as many others, is written exemplifies Jonah’s knowledge and power as an individual, while also reflecting the capabilities, professionalism, and potential of Buzzfeed as a corporate brand.
  5. Just like Elite Daily, BF Blog traffic comes from website links and sharing. Many times individuals read an article on BF Blog that they find informing and interesting and then go on to share that blog post with their friends on their personal social media accounts and then the chain continues via the power of social media platforms, particularly the “sharing” and “liking” features. Buzzfeed also has its own Instagram and Facebook accounts. Though often times BF Blog is not particularly being shared, there are times where a blog post is promoted and traffic is drawn due to that promotion as well. There are even statistics listed on Buzzfeed that says 60% of traffic is mobile, while 75% of the sites traffic is driven from social media referrals!Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.47.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.47.14 PM.png
  6. Personally, I believe that BF Blog is a successful blog, especially in regards to the points made in this weeks lecture. BF Blog has many different articles, as it has many different bloggers and contributors, so new content is always being circulated within the system and fans can almost always find a blog that is of interest to them due to this diversity. The content on the BF Blogs is usually original content and often times expands upon a particular subject, such as Facebook Stock, like Jonah Peretti writes about in this article. Jonah’s insight on Facebook stocks is particularly interesting as he is the CEO of a brand that often times collaborates with Facebook due to the nature of the two businesses. In saying this, Jonah is definitely a renown blogger himself. Lastly, Buzzfeed also provides buttons the top righthand corner of the BF Blog homepage which gives fans the option to connect with BF Blog via Facebook and Twitter.
  7. Personally, I believe that the BF Blog is missing a bit of personality. Though I do think that BF Blog has a “fun” personality by nature, I do think that it could be improved upon. I feel as if BF Blog is not promoted nearly as much as the other areas of Buzzfeed and it is not widely known because of that. I think that Jonah and his team could work together to “spice up” BF Blog. Additionally, like Elite Daily, I wish that BF Blog had a portion of its page dedicated to the bloggers themselves so that fans could get to know each contributor a little bit more.
  8. BF Blog, as well as Buzzfeed, does have advertisers. There is actually an option at the bottom of BF Blog that individuals can click that will redirect them to an advertising page for BF Blog and Buzzfeed. This webpage provides an in-depth explantation of the different types of advertising available, as well as how each option specifically works. However, the most commonly seen advertisement on BF Blog is the “Promotion and Story Units” option. There are the ads that a reader will see on the side of a BF blog or under the description of blog, before clicking upon it and being directed to the particular posts URL. Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.48.32 PM.pngAgain, the brands and products advertised on BF Blogs varies, however, Spotify is one of BF Blog and Buzzfeed’s largest advertisers at this current time.

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