In Your Words Week 8: Snapchat Memories

My client is Pete Smith’s Surf Shop, which is a family owned and operated surf shop and retail boutique located in South Jersey. Pete Smith’s Surf Shop sells all many of the top surf brands including Roxy, RVCA, Billabong, Ripcurl, and Hurley, along with many novelty items such as watches, water bottles, and string guitars that can be used for some fun at the local beach!

The beach town that Pete Smith’s is located within is very small and family oriented, so the store does try to involve itself with the community in order to give back and establish relationships with its neighbors and loyal customers as much as possible.

Purchasing a Pete Smith’s authentic logo t-shirt is a “summer bucket list” item for tourists of the town and because of this tradition that so many have adopted, the store now sells seasonal, limited edition logo t-shirts as well. Due to this, many of the local customers that Pete Smith’s has, have been coming to the store to shop for years. Because of this, Pete Smith’s really does have a very close relationship with its individual customers, and this is the customer service that the store strives to achieve each time a sale is made.

In order to continue on with this customer service goal, I thought that an interactive Snapchat Story might be the best option for Pete Smith’s Surf Shop. An interactive story would not only inform customers about what is in the stores and what deals may be happening, but it would also entertain them and hopefully physically bring them into the store as well.

In saying this, after I decided on creating an interactive story, I debated on whether or not I should do a “scavenger hunt” type of story, or a “guessing game” type story. Though I really liked both ideas for a multitude of reasons,  I ultimately picked the “guessing game” story because I though that it was more convenient for the customers of the store and would have a better chance of success.  Since Pete Smith’s is located in Southern New Jersey, the fall weather is very unpredictable and the temperatures can drop very low within the week. Due to this, I did not think that sending customers out to do a scavenger hunt in order to win a prize would be a very enticing idea depending on weather conditions. I chose the “guessing game” type story because the customers could participate in the competition from the comfort of their own home and then come in within the week, when they wished to claim their prize. However, the prize was a BOGO deal on the authentic logo t-shirts, so the competition was fun for customers, yet also beneficial to Pete Smith’s Surf Shop. Since Pete Smith’s Surf Shop is a small boutique, it does not necessarily have the monetary funding to supply each winner with a free t-shirt otherwise so the BOGO deal seemed to fit the situation perfectly.

I also toggled around with the ideas of doing a non-interactive snap and just offering BOGO discounts, however, I did not think that the experience would be as memorable for customers. I thought that the interactive experience of the guessing game story would have a better chance of creating customer relations. I also thought about doing a video Q&A with a store manager as a Snapchat Story, however, I felt as if that would not be the “best” first story for Pete Smith’s. I think that if Pete Smith’s chooses to continue on with their Snapchat account a video Q&A could be a great option later down the line, but as a first story I really felt strongly about creating a story that would have a lot of memory.

I lastly also thought about a “wheres waldo” formatted Snapchat story which would also be interactive. I debated putting up a picture of some pumpkins and leaves to fit a fall theme and then hiding a Pete Smith’s sticker somewhere in the bunch and asking users to identify it within a 5 second time constraint. However, I opted against this idea because I did not think it was the most fair competition. Some users phones are smaller than others, and additionally there would be no way to monitor who viewed the image multiple times to find the sticker, totaling over 5 seconds.

Overall, I thought that Snapchat was an awesome social media account to use for this assignment. Personally, as a 21-year old college student, I use Snapchat all of the time. I have my own personal account and I use it not only to “snap” goofy pictures to my friends, but I also use it to communicate with others through the messaging feature. I often times also document my days with the “story” option.

I think that as a platform, Snapchat is really one of the greatest social media outlets that I use. It has so many things incorporated to it that we as users don’t even realize it. One can make phone calls through the application, video chat friends, send online money transactions, receive news, and last, but certainly not least, filter ourselves to look the best that we possibly can with all of the different face filter options (puppy face?!?). A user can also even use custom geotags to remember a location! All of these features are truly amazing within themselves and then to combine them into one easy-to-use application really makes the app one that dominates.

The story that I created would very easily be implemented into my brands campaign efforts. Like I said earlier, my brand is very focused on creating and maintaining very authentic and strong customer relationships. The major of Pete Smith’s customers., particularly in the fall are locals within the community who all live no more than 15 minutes away from the store. My interactive story would translate right into the brands “community-esque” feel in that it encourages customers to contact the brand (via Instagram direct message) with their guesses and then to come into the store and actually have an in-person interactive with the brand. I believe that this Snapchat Story would be so personal that it would align with Pete Smith’s family owned and operated standards perfectly.

I personally feel as if when one invests enough time in a company that he or she becomes a longstanding customer, that he or she genuinely cares about the brand and enjoys hearing from it. Therefor when I created my story, I tried to put some length into it so that customers could really feel as if they were shopping at the store, even if they were just viewing the images from the Snapchat application on their smartphones. Therefor I chose the 14 images that I did to create a story that would hopefully not encourage individuals to take part in the competition, but that would also resonate with them as well. Since there are so many images, I know that they are hard to see in the banner. In order to better zoom in on that image I have provided those same pictures in a more singular format below for viewing purposes. Enjoy!



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